The "Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology" aims at developing ‘an anthropology of/as urbanism’. It critically explores governmental, everyday, insurgent and more-than-human practices of city making. It also experiments with ethnography as a more-than-textual, multimodal practice.



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Planning Miseducation: Re-Learning Urban Design Inside, Outside and Against the University

Image Credit: Arquitectura Expandida / Ana López Ortego, Candela Morado, Camilo Pinto (AKA Casi Nadie)

Planning Miseducation is a collective labour (of love). Five editors (Shaimaa Abouelmagd, Ignacio Farías, Mennatullah Hendawy, Indrawan Prabaharyaka and Jörg Stollmann) deeply cut five sections (Planners’ Problems with Planning, Pedagogical Experiments and Intraventions, Pedagogical Experiments beyond the University, Learning as Public (Media) Practice, and the University of Life), assembling around two dozens of finely crafted articles. There you can explore and dive into stories, viewpoints and reflections of planners, architects, designers, artists, ethnographers, teachers, students, activists, and the wide spectrum of educational experiments they have been engaging in, within, beyond, and against the university. If you deeply care about education, then Planning Miseducation is your one of a kind book.

Credit: La Escuela Nunca y los Otros Futuros

“There is a word “тусовка” (tusovka) in Ukrainian which could mean an actual party but at the same time could define a social group. Our school, as well as our NGO is this kind of a tusovka, where we are a social group sharing professional interests and values and at the same time we are hanging out, doing our work, and enjoying it like a party.“

Volynskyi Bohdan

“I discovered an interesting thing: it turns out that an intervention, which seems as simple as writing, taking notes, or preparing a report, can change the world.“

Alvaryan Maulana
Credit: Alicia Lazzaroni & Antonio Bernacchi