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Waste What? – Download & Assembly

To make your own version of Waste What?, download the three available files and print them following the instructions below!

Waste What (English)

Waste What? (Deutsch)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Printing and Cutting the Cards

The PDF with all cards has 8 cards per page, and the even pages are the back sides of these cards. When printing, be sure to select a double sided print, rotate on the short edge to get the correct backs for each card. Do not scale the print and use no margins, to get the cards in their intended size (62x100mm2). In total you will need 14 A4 sheets for the cards. If you have the possibility to print in slightly thicker paper, the better the cards will feel.

Once printed, follow the border of the front side of the cards to cut out each individual card. Depending on the precision of your printer, you might have a couple of millimeters of difference in the alignment of the front and back of the card. Do not worry about this, it is part of the DIY charm. Just be sure to cut the cards following the front side, so you will not lose any important information. If you wish for a better finish, try rounding the edges of each card, and if desired you can plastify them or use plastic card covers.

  1. Printing and Cutting the Packaging and Board

The packaging for the game is a wrap-around sleeve that has the playing board on the inside. Print the file named Packaging and Board on two separate sheets of A3 paper (not double sided). Do not scale the print and use no margins.

Once printed, fold both sheets along the folding lines and then cut out the shapes following the colored contour. Fold the exterior borders of the packaging on itself and glue them. If desired, these sides can be glued onto a cardboard interior, we recommend that it is less than 2 mm thick. Match the size of the cardboard to the space left inside when folding the borders of the packaging (roughly 104x330mm2).

Once the packaging side has the borders folded and glued, glue the board on the inside of the packaging. This will leave a color margin on the border of the board. Now fold the Packaging/Board so that it wraps the stack of cards.

  1. Printing and Cutting the Instructions

The PDF with the instructions should be printed on an A3 sheet, double sided, and rotated on the long side. Do not scale the print and use no margins, to get the instructions in their intended size (186x100mm2). Fold the instructions along the folding lines so you know where they go. Cut the outer borders of the instructions following the cutting lines (black). Finally fold the printed instructions following the guide below:

  1. Additional items

To play Waste What? You will also need 20 tokens. In the game they are referred to as 10 blue and 10 green tokens, but you can use whatever you want, buttons, coins, screws, etc. It is important that whatever you use can be distinguished into two types of tokens: 10 to serve as money, and other 10 for the round, CO2 and level markers.

The game comes with a tray to put inside the wrap-around-sleeve, so the cards, instructions, tokens and dice don’t fall out. If you want you can make an origami paper tray that has an interior size of 64x102mm2, and a height of 64mm. In this link you can find instructions on origami trays for any size.

Additionally, you will need to have a 6 sided dice and a pencil to make combo cards. You can download and print additional combo cards in the future if needed.