Volume 1, Issue 1 (2010)

Introduction to the Journal
by the Board of Editors

Migrants in a 'State of Exception'
Steven L. Gordon
Migrants in South Africa often face a xenophobic atmosphere and adverse treatment by the state, especially black Africans. The empirical study of the migration regime in South Africa is informed by Agamben's theory and gives a concise overview of the issue.

Gandhi, Civilization, Non-Violence and Obama
Tamer Söyler
Gandhi put forward a theory of civilization as a critique of Western forms of life. The paper studies Gandhi's idea of civilization in relation to the concept of war, which he interprets in a specific way.

Peace, War and Modernity in International Relations Theory
Samuel F. Mueller
Different theories of international relations have different opinions on the link between modernity and war. Some of the differences can be interpreted as a dichotomy between the paradigms embodied by Habermas and Foucault. The article studies the dichotomy.

Living with Security Dilemmas: Triggers of Ethnic Conflicts. The Case of Georgia
Robert Nalbandov
Ethnic conflicts play an important role in our contemporary world. The paper studies reasons for the mobilization of ethnic differences in and for conflict taking the recent developments in Georgia as an example.

Cosmopolitanism and the Right to be Legal: The Practical Poverty of Concepts
Julten Abdelhalim
The idea of cosmopolitanism is rooted in European Enlightenment thought. However, the right to move around the globe is reserved to privileged citizens. The article discusses this dilemma in a theoretical and an empirical manner.

Global Multiculturalism, Flexible Acculturation
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Multiculturalism is an issue of fundamental relevance in a globalizing world. It is not a national issue any more but has become a global phenomenon. This implies a multi-circuit identification rather than set, single identities.

Book Reviews
Raewyn Connell: Southern Theory. The global dynamics of knowledge in social science.
A Review by Wiebke Keim.

Anthony Giddens: The Politics of Climate Change.
A Review by Alejandro Pelfini.

Anand Kumar/Manish Tiwari: Quest for Participatory Democracy: Towards Understanding the Approach of Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narayan.
A Review by Anjan Kumar Sahu.