Volume 2, Issue 2 (2011)

Nomadism, Ambulation and the 'Empire': Contextualising the Criminal Tribes Act XXVII of 1871
Subir Rana
This article tries to foreground certain cardinal issues regarding movement, racism, colonialism and historiography in order to contextualize the conditions under which ambulation, vagrancy and nomadism become criminal acts leading to the promulgation of CTA in 1871. It attempts at analysing why the CTA of 1871 was seen as a necessary evil, the very basis of its imposition and its aftereffects in independent India. The article traces the colonial raison d'être behind CTA; a law that had its germ in 'biological determinism,' social Darwinism and 'Eugenics' that divided population into 'marital races' and 'criminal castes'.

The Failure of Collective Security in the Post World Wars I and II International System
Joseph C. Ebegbulem
The League of Nations and the United Nations Organization were two organizations established for the maintenance of peace and security in the international system. After a panoramic discourse of the meaning and nature of Collective Security, the paper examines the problems of collective security in the international system; its failure under the League of Nations and the United Nations. The paper concludes that the weaknesses inherent in the system do not make it unuseful as it is a relevant factor in the maintenance of international peace and security.

Universalisation of liberal democracy, American exceptionalism and racism
Mariela Cuadro
The hegemonic idea of liberal democracy was one of the axes of the most recent interventionist policies of the United States and has its roots in American exceptionalism, understood as a fervent nationalism. Indeed, an idea of superiority underlies it. The paper affirms that it becomes a form of racism that we will label cultural racism utilizing the toolbox of Foucauldian thinking.

'As Unspoilt As Possible' - A Framework for the Critical Analysis of Ecotourism
Michael Kleinod

Child Rights: A Gender Perspective
Karibeeran Sathyamurthi

Book Review
Madeleine Arnot: Educating the Gendered Citizen: Sociological Engagements with National and Global Agendas.
A Review by Elektra Paschali

Re-Thinking "Community" in Religion and Development as a Milieu
Gurpreet Mahajan & Surinder S. Jodhka, eds. Religion, Community and Development: Changing Contours of Politics and Policy in India.
A Review Essay by Tamer Söyler