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Module 4500
Scientific Working and Academic Writing for PhD Students in Agricultural Economics


Prof Dr Doris Läpple and Prof Dr Silke Hüttel, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Email: doris.laepple@uni-goettingen.de

Course Description

Learning Outcomes

This module will equip PhD students with advanced skills in research and academic writing, focusing on key aspects essential for successful dissemination of academic results. After successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Work Input

Attendance 56 hours, Self-study time 124 hours


This advanced research and academic writing module is based on a combination of lectures and practical exercises. Students will learn how to write and structure an academic paper, with detailed guidance on each section. The module emphasizes the presentation of empirical results, with detailed focus on statical inference and data sampling issues. Best practices in open science, ethical considerations, and responsible research conduct are also covered in the course. Students will also learn to use AI tools for the research and writing process. In addition, the course also provides insights into the publishing process, including open science trends, journal selection, and different article types. Finally, the course will offer training for conducting revisions and writing reviews.


This is a 3 CP module for non-University of Göttingen students and a 6 CP module for University of Göttingen students. All students will complete a term paper (2 pages) In addition, University of Göttingen PhD students will write a research proposal or academic paper (5 pages) and complete a review of an academic paper to achieve 6 CP. The work input expands accordingly.

Assessment Requirements

Advanced knowledge on how to write and structure academic papers, professional concepts when presenting research results, the use of Open Science in research, AI tools for research and writing, as well as the publishing process.

Recommended previous knowledge: Basics in scientific working

Reading List