Scott Ritner (Philadelphia) on “Revolutionary Pessimism”

Comment distingue-t-on l'imaginaire du réel dans le domaine spirituel? Il faut préférer l'enfer réel au paradis imaginaire.

Simone Weil, "Attente de Dieu", 1942



Scott is an assistant professor of Political Science at Temple University (Philadelphia) and vice-president of the American Weil Society

So-called western society, broadly speaking ,still relates more comfortably to historical examples of the “enfant terrible” who gains power and prestige by bending others to their will. In L’Enracinement ,Simone Weil proposes a compromised, heuristic State with the goal of educating a way this ersatzform of greatness by teaching the material and spiritual love of neighbor. Weil proposes, and I attempt to theorize, an alternative and true conception of greatness rooted in compassion for the oppressed.

Here, you can download the passages Scott is referring to:

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