Workshop #2 Program

In our second workshop, we meet with multimodal practitioners at different stages of their career, to discuss challenges and conundrums of multimodal evaluative practices.

Workshop #1 Documentation

Documentation of our first immersive workshop on multimodal works, with the broader aim to consider how to assign value to and thus be able to assess such works as forms of research and scholarship

Workshop #1 Hints

Our aim is to identify the standards, values, and characteristics that make multimodal creations relevant works of anthropology

Workshop #1 Program

In our first workshop we collectively consider the affordances of different multimodal works by immersing in fragments of them

Multimodal encounters in ethnographic film

Thinking from ethnographic film, the multimodal might be understood a form in which different modalities, forms of documentation and genres, enter into a dialogue with each other

Meeting with the DCC, SCA

Polyphonic reflections on meeting with the Digital Curatorial Collective of the Society for Cultural Anthropology (back in March 14, 2023)

First Sum Up (March-April 2023)

Here goes our first sum-up of what we have been busy doing since we started in March 2023: reading and discussing, a workshop in Berlin, and many hybrid meetings of the team

Project application

Original application submitted to the Volkswagen Stiftung's Open Up programme on November 3, 2021.