Breeding Values, Lineages

Breeding values for 2019 (State from 22.3.2019)

Breeding Values

Planning your breeding: Breeding values and inbreeding coefficient of potential offspring



Use of genetic evaluation data for publications or commercial purposes is subject to permission by the Institute for Bee Research Hohen Neuendorf, Germany, Länderinstitut für Bienenkunde Hohen Neuendorf e.V.

The performance index is composed of the breeding value for honey yield, gentleness, calmness and swarming tendency in equal proportions.

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From now on the breeding values for the results of brood investigations are available, namely for the 3 traits SMR (suppressed mite reproduction), recapping (proportion of recapped cells), recapping infected (proportion of recapped cells infected with Varroa mites).

Unlike other breeding values, they are only available for a subpopulation, namely for the colonies in which the brood was investigated and their (also indirect) ancestors.

In the pedigree browser the breeding values of the brood tests are displayed when they are available. In the functions ``Breeding values selected by breeder", ``Breeding values of siblings" and ``Breeding values selected by testing" these breeding values are only displayed if the selection box 'SMR breeding values' was ticked in the selection mask. In this case this setting acts as a filter - only queens for which the breeding values have been calculated are displayed.

The breeding values of the brood tests can also be included in the weighting factors for the total breeding value. In the filter mask ``Breeding values selected by breeder" you can also select filter criterion that the queen's own performance must be present. As with the other breeding values, a calculated breeding value without own performance is displayed in brackets.