Breeding Values, Lineages

Breeding values for 2020 (State from 15.2.2020)

Breeding Values

Planning your breeding: Breeding values and inbreeding coefficient of potential offspring



Use of genetic evaluation data for publications or commercial purposes is subject to permission by the Institute for Bee Research Hohen Neuendorf, Germany, Länderinstitut für Bienenkunde Hohen Neuendorf e.V.

The performance index is composed of the breeding value for honey yield, gentleness, calmness and swarming tendency in equal proportions.

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With immediate effect, the license class Av is a separate license class in BeeBreed and is not automatically generated from the license class A, if the Varroa traits have been collected and the Varroa index is above 100.

All queens licensed as A so far, where both Varroa traits were measured and which had a sufficiently high Varroa index at the time of licensing, were upgraded to the new explicit class Av.

In future, the license class Av must be applied for, a corresponding option has been added to the respective dropdown bar in the data entry form.


From now on, if the mother (2a) of a queen has the same breeder code as the queen herself (1a), the line designation of the mother (if available) is transferred and the generation number, increased by one, is entered if available for the mother.