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Pedigree browser AT-2-3-608-2016

License classAv
SurnameAnselm Putz
Place of residenceSt. Lorenzen am Wechsel
AssociationBienenhof Mandl
Tested by the breeder.
Performance test year2017
statePerformance test complete
populationCarnica - Austrian prof. beekeepers

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Coefficients of inbreeding in %

of the queen: 1,6of the workers: 2,6

Breeding values

State from 5.6.2024

Breeding valueReliabilityWeighting in %
Honey yield1060,6715
Defensive behavior910,7815
Steadiness on comb970,7615
Swarming drive940,5715
Total breeding value112--
Performance index960,67
Colony strength(113)0,35
Development in Spring(113)0,20
Robustness in winter(114)0,15
Chronic Bee Paralysis1030,04
Varroa infestation development on multiple measurements980,54
Breeding values in brackets are estimated without own measurement.

Breeding values when used as a drone colony (1b)

Breeding valueReliabilityWeighting in %
Honey yield1060,5515
Defensive behavior980,6515
Steadiness on comb1060,6415
Swarming drive980,4715
Total breeding value130--
Performance index1030,55
Colony strength(97)0,25
Development in Spring(113)0,15
Robustness in winter(116)0,12
Chronic Bee Paralysis1060,03
Varroa infestation development on multiple measurements950,43
Breeding values in brackets are estimated without own measurement.


Descendants as 2aDescendants as 4a
AT-2-3-753-2017 AT-2-3-760-2017 AT-2-3-766-2017 AT-2-3-767-2017 AT-2-3-769-2017 AT-2-3-755-2017-K AT-2-3-942-2019 AT-2-3-952-2019 AT-2-3-953-2019 AT-2-3-954-2019 AT-2-3-965-2019 AT-2-3-966-2019 AT-2-7-851-2018 AT-2-3-42-2020 AT-2-3-43-2020 AT-2-3-129-2021 AT-2-3-151-2021 AT-2-3-152-2021 AT-2-3-156-2021 AT-2-3-171-2021 AT-2-3-188-2021 AT-2-3-189-2021 AT-2-3-191-2021 AT-2-3-192-2021 AT-2-3-901-2019 AT-2-3-902-2019 AT-2-3-904-2019 AT-2-3-905-2019 AT-2-3-906-2019 AT-2-3-907-2019 AT-2-3-922-2019 AT-2-3-934-2019 AT-2-3-956-2019 AT-2-3-962-2019 AT-2-6-670-2019 AT-2-6-943-2021 AT-2-6-944-2021 AT-2-6-949-2021 AT-2-7-902-2019 AT-2-7-903-2019 AT-2-7-916-2019 AT-2-7-917-2019 AT-2-7-918-2019 AT-2-7-919-2019 AT-2-7-920-2019 AT-2-7-927-2019 AT-2-7-933-2019 AT-2-7-934-2019 AT-2-7-938-2019 AT-2-7-947-2019 AT-2-7-9030-2019 AT-2-7-9035-2019 AT-2-7-9036-2019 AT-2-7-9037-2019 AT-2-8-1901-2019 AT-2-8-1902-2019 AT-2-8-1903-2019 AT-2-8-1904-2019 AT-2-8-1905-2019 AT-2-8-1906-2019 AT-2-8-1907-2019 AT-2-8-1915-2019 AT-2-8-1916-2019 AT-2-8-1917-2019 AT-2-8-1918-2019 AT-2-8-1919-2019 AT-2-8-1920-2019 AT-2-8-1922-2019 AT-2-8-1923-2019 AT-2-8-1924-2019 AT-2-8-2902-2019 AT-2-8-2903-2019 AT-2-8-2904-2019 AT-2-8-2905-2019 AT-2-8-2920-2019 AT-2-8-2921-2019 AT-2-8-2923-2019 AT-2-8-3901-2019 AT-2-8-3903-2019 AT-2-8-4901-2019 AT-2-8-4902-2019 AT-2-8-4903-2019 AT-2-8-4904-2019 AT-2-8-4905-2019 AT-2-8-4911-2019 AT-2-8-4912-2019 AT-99-117-29-2020 AT-99-364-20-2019 AT-99-364-21-2019 AT-99-364-22-2019 AT-99-364-23-2019 AT-99-364-24-2019 AT-99-364-25-2019 AT-99-364-26-2019 AT-99-364-27-2019 AT-99-495-103-2019 AT-99-495-104-2019 AT-99-495-105-2019 AT-99-495-106-2019 AT-99-495-107-2019 AT-99-495-108-2019

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