Felipe Diaz-Jaramillo

Brief CV

M.Sc. in Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin
B.Sc. in Engineering Physics, EAFIT University

About my research project

I am currently investigating with Prof. Dr. Jan Plefka and Dr. Olaf Hohm whether it is possible to elucidate certain aspects of the Double Copy construction in the framework of Double Field Theory. The Double Copy relates gauge theory and gravity scattering amplitudes. It states, roughly speaking, that graviton scattering amplitudes factorise into two copies of gauge theory amplitudes. Even though this relation is fairly well understood at the level of scattering amplitudes, a first principle understanding of this duality remains elusive. Double Field Theory, on the other hand, is a formulation of the low energy effective action of closed Bosonic String Theory, which is invariant under the T-duality symmetry group O(D,D). The theory incorporates naturally an index factorisation inherited from the left- and right-moving string modes of closed strings. This index factorisation can potentially help understand the intriguing factorisation property of gravitational scattering amplitudes from a novel perspective.