Principal investigators: Christophe Grojean, Markus Schulze, Peter Uwer

Doctoral researchers: Lina Alasfar, Daniele Artico, Jasper Roosmale Nepveu, Yingxuan Xu

Challenging the Standard Model – From first principles to Phenomenology

Challenging the Standard Model (SM) by

  • Precision physics
  • Direct searches
    • Model independent
    • Model dependent

Research directions

  • Develop new methods for multi-loop amplitudes
  • Search and characterise new physics through effective field theories (EFT)
  • Model building to tackle open questions of the SM

Precision physics and multi-loop amplitudes

Effective field theories

  • Organise our current knowledge e.g. low energy tests of SM, SM computations like gg→H @ N3LO performed using EFT simplifications
  • Parametrise our ignorance at higher scales (model-independent BSM searches)
  • Compare sensitivity of different experiments (direct vs indirect, Future Colliders vs LHC)

New physics and model building

Problems with plausible EFT solutions

  • Dark Matter
  • Baryogenesis
  • Strong CP
  • Fermion spectrum/mixing

Mysteries challenging EFT/QFT rules

  • Cosmological constant
  • Weak scale hierarchy
  • BH information paradox
  • Very early universe

Integration into the RTG

A fruitful cross fertilisation is expected from Mathematical Physics: new techniques help in the development of more efficient algebraic and numerical computations, while the understanding of the structure of scattering amplitudes leads to more compact expressions for loop amplitudes. Holography offers a dual and intuitive understanding to some new physics models. Lattice gauge theory provides new algorithms with improved performance in the numerical evaluation of  cross sections and allows the exploration of strongly coupled models of new physics.