Gauge/gravity duality for composite Higgs models and the top mass

Prof. Dr. Johanna Erdmenger

Date(s) - 16/12/2020
14:00 - 15:00

video conference (zoom)

Composite Higgs models are Beyond the Standard Model approaches involving a strongly coupled sector in which the Higgs particle is a Goldstone boson of a spontaneously broken symmetry, in analogy to pions in QCD. I will discuss gauge/gravity dual descriptions of explicit realizations of composite Higgs models using insights from non-conformal examples of the AdS/CFT correspondence. I will explain how to calculate particle masses and decay constants for proposed Sp(4) and SU(4) gauge theories. The results obtained compare favourably to lattice gauge theory studies and go beyond those due to a greater flexibility in choosing the fermion content. That content changes the running of the couplings and its choice can lead to sizable changes in the bound state masses. The `top partners’ present in composite Higgs are modelled by dual fermionic fields in the bulk. Including suitable higher dimension operators can ensure a top mass consistent with the Standard Model.