QFT colloquium: Multi-particle observables from a finite Euclidean spacetime

Dr. Maxwell Hansen (Edinburgh University)

Date(s) - 18/02/2022

Numerical calculations of lattice regularized QFTs are a powerful tool to understand such theories when analytic methods are not applicable. However, the utility of numerical results can be affected by two issues: (i) calculations are necessarily performed in a finite-volume spacetime and (ii) Euclidean (rather than Minkowski) signature correlation functions are evaluated. Both aspects play an especially important role for multi-particle observables including scattering and decay amplitudes and inclusive rates. In this colloquium, I will discuss progress for extracting such observables from numerical lattice field theory based on two strategies. One is to use the finite-volume as a tool, rather than an unwanted artefact, and to apply generic field theoretic relations between finite-volume quantities and infinite-volume amplitudes. The second is to carefully regulate the inverse Laplace transform, in order to estimate Minkowski observables directly from numerical Euclidean correlators.