Open letter concerning climate change

Markus Schulze, a former PI at the RTG, is currently a member of the winter team of the Antarctica research station Neumayer III. The entire winter team has published an open letter addressing the German Government about the urgency of climate crisis. You can find this letter on the website

New RTG member

As from September 12th we have a new doctoral researcher in our research training group. Raj Patil will work on gravitational wave physics with our PI Alessandra Buonanno. We wish Raj an easy start and a successful time with us!

Computer time for RTG Lattice project

The Lattice group has been awarded 32M core-hours on the supercomputer Lise at the HLRN ( computing center, for the project “Towards QCD+QED simulations with C* boundary conditions at physical QED coupling”. In one year, starting from July 1st, the Lattice group will run on Lise simulations, which would take about 450 years on an … Read more Computer time for RTG Lattice project