The Laboratory: Anthropology of Environment | Human Relations as a writing collective has published a short paper in Science as Culture reviewing and commenting on the edited volume “Practising Comparison: Logics, Relations, Collaborations” (Deville, Guggenheim and Hrdliková 2016, Mattering Press). Involved in thinking through this piece have been Patrick Bieler, Maren Heibges, Jonna Josties, Ruzana Liburkina, Julie Mewes, Martina Klausner, Anja Klein, Jörg Niewöhner, Christine Schmid and Tim Seitz.
Here is the articel’s full bibliographic information: Niewöhner, Jörg (2018): Assembling Comparators – Assembling Reflexivities. In: Science as Culture 27 (4), S. 563–568. DOI: 10.1080/09505431.2018.1519533.