Some members of the Lab (Sabine Biedermann, Patrick Bieler, Anja Klein, Tim Seitz) participated in a workshop on how to organize an infrastructure for STS in Germany. On 20 and 21 February 2019, around 75 mostly young STS scholars gathered in Kassel to discuss and define core areas and forms of organising. The number of attendees was overwhelming, as was their eagerness to engage with STS in Germany as a mode of doing research and to make STS-in-Germany an inclusive, bottom-up research network. The full report can be found dests or the homepage of the workshop.
The central outcome was the development of five working groups: Events, Code of Conduct, Mapping of STS Landscape in Germany, Formal Ways of Peer Support, Web-Platform and Communication Devices, each with “access points” through which people can get in touch with the group. The task of deciding on an organizational form turned out to be too complex to bring to a close at the Kassel workshop. Therefore, this question was delegated to an ‘infrastructure group’, which was asked to carry on this matter in an inclusive way.
Those who were not able to attend the workshop but are eager to engage with STS in Germany are explicitely invited to get in touch and get involved. For more information on contacts to the working groups, for example, please visit: