Research group for the ethnographic inquiry into ecologies, infrastructures, bodies and knowledges
Laboratory: Anthropology of Environment | Human Relations

Maxime Le Calvé

Maxime Le Calvé is an anthropologist of art and science, currently postdoctoral research associate at the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activities” (HU Berlin). In his latest ethnographic project, he is exploring haptic creativities and cartographic practices in neurosurgery. Visual ethnographer, he is making use of digital drawing as an investigative device. He is also curating virtual reality experiences, which he frames as collaborative art-science inquiries aiming to stretch the senses of anthropologists and of their publics. He trained in general ethnology in Paris Nanterre and owns a PhD in social anthropology and in theater studies, from EHESS Paris and FU Berlin. He has published on the ethnographic study of atmospheres (co-edited Exercices d’ambiances, 2018), on performance art, on music, on Berlin, on people cutting in brains, and on ethnographic training. He is also co-curator of the exhibitions Field/Works in Lisbon (2020-2021) and Stretching Materialities (Berlin, 2021-2022).


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