Lauren Cubellis I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory for Environment|Human Relations. I completed my PhD in Anthropology (Washington University in St. Louis) and my Masters in Public Health (Columbia University). My research focuses on questions of risk, crisis, and care in psychiatric practice.

My doctoral dissertation examined the implementation of alternative psychiatries in Berlin, specifically the Open Dialogue model for the treatment of psychosis. By studying practitioners, hospital doctors, trainers, insurance providers, and clients, the project reflected on the difficulty of attuning to shared goals in the provision of crisis care, and the ways by which imaginaries of “good care” or “good outcomes” are tethered to divergent social and economic evaluations of time and responsibility.

My postdoctoral work focuses on the discernment of need for individuals living within the category of “psychiatric disability”. The implementation of recent changes to German disability law has positioned these service users in novel relationships with structures and institutions of care. The way everyday needs are recognized – by service users, their family members, their providers, and the state – is taken up as both an object of study and an emergent practice newly shaped by the incorporation of experience-informed (or peer professional) advising.


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Lauren Cubellis

Gestures of Care and Recognition: An Introduction (Journal Article)

Cultural Anthropology, 35 (1), pp. 1-5, 2020.